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Terms and conditions

Driving lessons in Stevenage

Training and fees

Hello Driver Training will do its best to accommodate pupils to book their training between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday to Friday; weekend availability is discretionary and may be agreed between the instructor and pupil. The basic pay as you go hourly rate is as advertised on the company website. A deposit of two hours basic rate is required for pay as you go training.

Hello Driver Training reserves the right to change its training fees at any time. Pupils will be advised two weeks before any increase in tuition fees come in to affect. You must give at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or re-arrange a booked lesson. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the cancelled lesson.

The lesson may be rearranged at the discretion of the instructor. If this lesson is subsequently cancelled it will be regarded as manipulation and will cost you your deposit. In the event of exceptional circumstances proof will be required to safeguard your deposit.

A discount is available for block bookings in multiples of ten hours. Full details are on the website. Payment must be made in full on or before the first lesson. Pre-booked lessons are flexible within reason to accommodate you and the instructor. In the event you want a refund part way through the block booking you will be charged the standard hourly rate for the lessons already taken.

Refunds will be made within fourteen working days via cheque or bank transfer. No cash refund will be made.

Gift vouchers

We offer a specially priced five lesson prepaid pack which may be purchased as a seventeenth birthday present. Payment must be made in full before the voucher is issued. See the website for details.

Gift vouchers with a value of ten hours or more are available provided payment is made in advance. Lessons must begin within three months from the date of issue.

Driving licence validation

All driving licences must be validated via the website. The last eight digits of your driving licence and pass code issued by must be provided to Hello Driver Training for your driving licence to be validated. Failure to do so will cancel your lesson and you will be charged for the time booked.

Testimonials. If you agree to provide a video, photo or written testimonial

You will be agreeing to allow Hello Driver Training to use this testimonial for promotional purposes. No financial reward will be made for testimonials. However, Hello Driver Training will reward those pupils that agree to take part in promotional videos. The value of the reward will be agreed between the pupil and Hello Driver Training. This will be a one off reward with no royalties. The reward may be in the form of free driving lessons or financial payment.

Theory test revision

Hello Driver Training subscribes to Theory Test Pro and gives free access to all its pupils. Hello Driver Training provides one to one training at the standard hourly driving lesson rate. Free support is given for clarification on any issues that might arise during your revision for the theory test.

Driving Tests

Practical Driving Test candidates must book their test after they have agreement from Hello Driver Training. This is to avoid double bookings and to allow preparation and training time prior to the test.

All practical driving tests are booked as a provisional date. Hello driver Training has the right to postpone or cancel a practical driving test if the instructor considers the candidate is below the DVSA's driving standard.

Hello Driver Training has a duty of care to the examiner, the test candidate and other road users. The cancellation or postponement of a practical driving test will be advised to the test candidate in plenty of time to avoid the loss of their test fee.

The driving test fee is paid online to the DVSA this is for the examiners time to assess your driving. You will be required to pay Hello Driver Training for the hire of the tuition car for your practical driving test. The fee to Hello Driver Training is two hours at the basic lesson rate as advertised on this website

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